Small Group Summer Training


This summer, at Lateral Edge, we’re focusing on training with small groups of athletes.

For the high schoolers, we’ll be teaching them how to properly lift. The goal for the older kids is to add muscle this spring and summer and give them a chance to make a good team next season where they can have an impact. For the junior high crowd, we’ll focus more on functional training and conditioning.
Generally the way we conduct the program is that the athlete, or athletes, meet with us and we do a functional movement screen (FMS), baseline testing and then we create an appropriate program.
The athletes can form their own group or just book privates with us. Slots are starting to fill as families are getting their summer plans in order so contact us soon!

Email us for pricing info and to book your first session!

The American Going Strong at the Australian Open

Last night Tennys Sandgren beat #5 in the world, Dominic Thiem in an epic five set match at the Australian Open. He now plays Hyeon Chung in the quarter finals who just passed by Djokovic in three tight sets.

For the last three summers, Tennys Sandgren has been working out with Lateral Edge when he comes to the north shore. As he put it to us when he was training, "Tennis has changed. You can't just be about the big serve or return. You have to control the center of the court." Whether it's hockey, tennis, football, etc., the stop and start are one of the most crucial components of any sport. That's what our workouts help with and Tennys knows it. It's going to be an extremely tough match tonight and we're rooting for him! 

This summer, we'll be doing customized programs for small groups to increase speed and agility on the ice, court and field.
Email for more! 

The Week at Lateral Edge

Hockey Scrimmage.jpeg

Only a couple more days til hockey tryouts! We'll have a youth class tonight, and a couple tomorrow. Then we start preseason training for the high school players and move to the younger ones next week. A nice local read about a youth club in Calgary and why they use interval training to train their young hockey players. Nice to see they're of the same mindset as us. 

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In other news, Lateral Edge user, Tennys Sandgren will face off against Marin Cilic in the first round of the U.S. Open today. They'll be playing on the main court (Arthur Ashe) around noon. Should be a tough match for the American facing number 7 in world, Cilic. Good luck!

Arthur Ashe Stadium.jpg

Lemon Water. The Morning Boost.

I was in L.A. last month visiting a friend and his kitchen cabinets were pretty bare. Maybe some essential staples like a box of pasta and some expired cereal from last year. However, on his kitchen counter he had a 5lb sack of lemons which he said is a regularly purchased item. He explained how it gives him a morning boost. I tried about a half of lemon, squeezed in water when I woke up, for the duration of the trip. I'm not sure if it was the California climate or the water, but I felt more energized after drinking it.

A few days ago I came across an article stating, "Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. By improving nutrient absorption in your stomach, it gives you a steady, natural energy buzz that lasts the length of the day. You need to drink it first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) to ensure full absorption. You should also wait 15-30 minutes after drinking it before eating (perfect time to squeeze in some exercise). Lemons are chock full of nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants."

I'm now making this a part of my morning routine. A good and healthy way to start out the day! 

Providing Golf Transportation Post Class

A lot of our athletes like to spend time at the course over the summer. For the next couple weeks, we'll take the pressure off the parents and provide transportation to the Glencoe and Winnetka public courses for any clients on the following dates. 

June 19th after our 10:15am class
June 26th after the 10:15am class
June 28th after the 10:15am class

Bring your player to our Northrbook studio for the 10:15am workout, with their workout attire and golf gear, and we'll take em to their course after class. 

Dead Butt Syndrome, First 2 Weeks Free!

Adult classes Tuesday morning at 9:30am and Saturday at 8:00am.

First 2 weeks free for adults!  Just go to our pricing page and click on the 2 week option.

Must be 18 or older

A friend sent me an article the other day about gluteal amnesia, or "Dead Butt Syndrome." When you sit for extended periods of time, you get potential side effects linked to body fat percentage, increased cholesterol levels and bad knees to name a few. However, a less known one is Gluteal Amnesia. This article explains, "Dead butt syndrome develops when the gluteus medius -- one of the three main muscles in the booty -- stops firing correctly. That can happen if you spend too much time parked in a chair, explains Kristen Schuyten, a physical therapist at Michigan Medicine...Since the gluteus medius normally helps stabilize the pelvis, gluteal amnesia can lead to lower back pain and hip pain, as well as knee and ankle issues, as the body tries to compensate for the imbalance."

Lateral exercises using resistance bands, lunges and simply squeezing your butt muscles when sitting at your desk can all prevent DBS. At Lateral Edge, we're always engaging our gluteus medius and maximus in our high energy sliding. Not only are we providing more stability for our knees and hips but it has the added benefit of, you guessed it, toning your glutes.

Youth Summer Schedule Out!


We'll focus on substantially increasing speed and agility this summer as opposed to maintenance intra season. By incorporating this into the weekly regimen 2 to even 5 times per week, they'll see results come fall. Check out our promo below!

Classes are grouped by birth year. We've been asked if a younger sibling can attend the 2006 & Up class with their older bro or sis? Absolutely, yes. And vice versa. Just note the older kids work a little more on power, speed and flexibility where as we spend more time with the younger kids on form, agility and coordination. 

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Enter "summer15%" when checking out
Promo ends June 15th

Congrats Tennys Sandgren! Good Luck at Roland Garros!

On Sunday, Tennys Sandgren (@tennyssandgren) won the Savannah Challenger earning him a spot in the main draw at the French Open! Tennys has been on a tear this year getting second in Sarasota a few weeks ago and winning in Tempe back in February.

When we first started Lateral Edge a couple years ago, we met Tennys in Winnetka, IL at the Nielsen Challenger. We got him on a board and ran him through a couple of our workouts. Then we gave him some routines to do while training on his own board in Florida. 

Tennys has had a long road with multiple surgeries including one for his hip. He knows how important this kind of lateral training is for his game. 

Specifically for tennis players, he told us Lateral Edge "has helped me be more explosive in and out of the corners. I have not seen a better training method for "the first step.""

This win bumps Tennys up to 114 in the world. We're proud of him and all the work he's put in. Good luck at Roland Garros!

Schedule for the rest of the week
Thursday: Adult All Levels. 9:15am (Nielsen)
Friday: Small Group Youth Class. 4:30pm (NSIA)
Saturday: Adult All Levels. 8:00am (NSIA) NOTE TIME CHANGE
Saturday: Small Group Youth Class 9:00am (NSIA) FREE CLASS!
Saturday: Small Group Youth Class 1:00pm (NSIA) FREE CLASS!

Hockey Camps Lateral Edge is Working With This Summer

We're honored to be working with some great camps at North Shore Ice Arena this summer providing our training services. 

PRODIGY HOCKEY: Brian Keane does small group classes and incorporates his video analysis into the sessions to break down every aspect of the players' stride, passing, stick handling and shooting. Go to Prodigy Hockey or email bkeane@prodigy-hockey.comfor more. 

IMPACT ICE HOCKEY: Impact works with youth hockey players of all ages and skill levels. They've had a major presence on the north shore for over 5 years now and have some great summer offerings from small groups, to pick up to intense camps.

STAN STIOPKIN HOCKEY: All of Stan's drills are unconventional. They require total body integration improving coordination and, what Stan likes to call, "thinking speed." Stan has coached some of the best triple A teams in Chicago over the past 20 years and is a wonderful skills coach. He will be running small group clinics at NSIA this summer on Wednesday mornings. email or for info and sign up.

PRECISION AAA HOCKEY: Precision's head instructor, Anthony Booth, is one of the best skating instructors around. He gets the kids moving. A true stride and power skating coach along with some fun small area games is a great combo for the kid that needs a little more jump in his or her step. Go to to sign up. 

5 SKILLS: The Winnetka Park District has teamed up with some of the best coaches at the Winnetka and Wilmette hockey clubs to offer a fun hockey experience for Mites and Squirts. At 5 Skills, the kids will learn puck control, dynamic skating, shooting, scoring and have time for scrimmages. For more info and sign up, go to: 

PRO AMBITIONS: A great way to get in shape before the season starts. Pro Ambitions will be at NSIA in August again this year. A lot of battle drills and stride work for Mites through High School. Email info@northshoreicearena.orgto sign up. 

Why Kids Shouldn't Sit Still in Class (NY Times)

 Just need to replace a few of these bikes with slide boards

Just need to replace a few of these bikes with slide boards

With an increase in the quality of leisure time for America's youth comes the constant challenge of fighting distraction. While kids aren't allowed to look at phones during class, they're still distracted with what's happening online and are constantly being bombarded outside of class with statuses, meet ups, notifications, etc. It doesn't make it any easier to sit through a lecture type environment over the course of day. 

The New York Times had an article a couple weeks ago stating something many of us consider obvious which is physical activity can stimulate brain cells. "A 2013 report from the Institute of Medicine concluded that children who are more active “show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed and perform better on standardized academic tests than children who are less active.""

This isn't surprising. There have been lots of studies showing how exercise increases memory skills, and decreases factors which impede cognitive thinking like anxiety and stress. Now, schools are incorporating a few minutes of exercise in the classroom, and thus improving the quality of learning time. 

Quite a few school districts are still having trouble approving programs like this. And I'm not proposing every kid in America has a slide board at their desk. Although, we're moving the right direction as the subject is getting attention not only from private sector companies, but also schools and now the media.  

Happy Spring Break, Schedule, LE Select

A reminder that for the next two weeks, we're not at Winnetka on Thursdays.
Thursday 9:30am (NSIA): Adult All Levels
Thursday 4:00pm (NSIA): Small Group Youth
Saturday 9:00am (NSIA): Adult All Levels
Saturday 10:00am (NSIA): Small Group Youth

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The Reverse Lunge

Fairly easy. The reverse lunge is a great way to build muscle in a safe way without impact. This type of exercise is called closed kinetic chain and can best be described as having the end extremity meet some fixed point. In this case it's the ground or board. Open kinetic chain is when the end extremity has a weight bearing position and it is not fixed. Like holding a dumb bell. We prefer closed kinetic chain as it generally engages more muscles and has the effect of whole body toning vs muscle isolation. 

Notice how she brings one leg back extending her hip flexor. This exercise is more about how comfortable the user is extending that leg back. Try to get it a couple inches from the ground. Alternate legs each time for a set of 10-15 on each. You can do these at the beginning and end of the workout provided in the excel "At-Home Workout Ideas" Once you're comfortable with this, we'll move on to more rotational lunge exercises which are great for tennis, hockey, lacrosse and skiers. 

A Few More Days Before the Slopes

For most of us, spring break begins Saturday. And many of our clients head out west to get some skiing in before the season's over. Get in one last class before you leave. You'll feel the difference in your balance and turning on the mountain. Adult classes are Thursday and Saturday morning this week. 

Congrats Aaron Blunck...Again!

 Blunck is wrapping up his world tour and has been crowned the Halfpipe World Champion at the FIS Championships.  FIS World Champ

Blunck is wrapping up his world tour and has been crowned the Halfpipe World Champion at the FIS Championships. FIS World Champ

 What's on sale? The LE Select Slide Board. Yes, the same one the pros use.  10% Off when you enter promo code:   worldchamp      SHOP THE SALE NOW!

What's on sale? The LE Select Slide Board. Yes, the same one the pros use.

10% Off when you enter promo code: worldchamp


The Necessity of Exercising in the Frontal Plane

Ever have pain in your IT band? How about back and knee? It could be from a lack of stability. 

A Quick Lesson in the Planes

We've been surveying adults over the age of 40 (not clients) and asking about their weekly fitness routines. We weren't surprised to hear the lack of training in the frontal/coronal plane. Americans in general are becoming smarter about how they exercise but we still tend to do what we've always done and not what we should. 

Here's the lesson: 
Coronal Plane = Frontal Plane which means lateral exercise like the slide board, side lunges, etc. 
Sagittal Plane = Lateral Plane which means exercise where you don't cross that plane such as jogging, biking, etc.
Transverse = Dividing the upper from lower so we're going to see some rotational lunges and core work here.

Exercising the frontal plane (lateral movement) is necessary to keep our hips and knees aligned. If you can do something like the slide board working your core as well, that's a major bonus. 

Recently in our Lateral Edge classes, we've been combining the transverse and coronal planes which is a huge benefit for skiers, golfers (yes, golfers), tennis, lacrosse and hockey players. 

Even if you don't have the time to get to one of our classes below, email us ( and we'll give you some great dynamic exercises in the coronal/frontal plane to keep you running, rowing and biking. 

Thursday, 9:15am. Adult Class at A.C. Nielsen Tennis Shack
Thursday, 5:15pm. Small Group Class at NSIA
Saturday, 9:00am. Adult Class at NSIA
Saturday, 10:00am. Youth Small Group Class at NSIA

Providing the Best Product to the Best Athletes. Congrats Aaron Blunck

Last month pro freestyle skier Aaron Blunck won gold at the ESPN X Games Super Pipe competition. This year fielded some of the strongest competition the event has seen.

When we first launched the LE Select Board in November, we sent one to Blunck (@aaronblunck). He was already using a slide board as he knows it's essential for skiers.

However, we wanted to up his game by providing the best board with some of the best workouts tailored for the advanced skier. Advanced is an understatement when you check out his winning run.

High Intensity and Hip Pain

There was an article in the Washington Post entitled, "As Millennials Flock to High-Intensity Workouts, Hip Pain Follows." It obviously caught my eye as Lateral Edge focuses on hip mobility and strength. And if high-intensity can cause hip pain in millennials, it can cause hip pain in other high intensity users. What's the potential outcome? Potentially hip impingements and osteoarthritis. 

"Neuromuscular imbalances, or weakness in certain muscle groups, are often the root cause of the pain that (Dr.) Nho’s patients experience....Hips are built to withstand tremendous force, but they need full range of motion to work properly, hence the importance of flexibility and stability, Wu said. She encourages her clients to do yoga or attend a Pilates class if they are dead set on physically taxing workouts."

What Dr. Wu doesn't mention is the balance and strength certain slide board workouts can give your hips. Not to mention that Lateral Edge combines flexibility and strength in our 45 minute sessions. No surprise though, we're the small fish right now educating our potential clients on the benefits. If you want to keep up the high intensity, do so by working in a yoga and slide board class once a week and look great as a result. 

Winter Break Skiing and Classes this Week

Any Ski or Snowboarding Trips Coming Up?

A lot of our clients are skiing at all levels. Lateral Edge is the best way to work your stabilizer muscles to take on turns and moguls. 
We're offering a promo to all of our clients to get ready for the slopes.

$75 unlimited access to our classes Dec 1st-24th
Click here and go to "December Unlimited" in our online store tab

Tuesday: 5:15pm, Youth Class - North Shore Ice Arena
Wednesday: 5:45pm, Elite Youth Class - North Shore Ice Arena
6:45pm, Adult All Levels - North Shore Ice Arena
Thursday: 9:15am, Adult All Levels - A.C. Nielsen Tennis Shack
6:45pm, Elite Youth Class - North Shore Ice Arena
Saturday: 9:00am, Adult All Levels - North Shore Ice Arena