20% Off in August (8/2/16)

Our summer programs are wrapping up on August 4th. Before the fall/winter season get started, get in prime condition for 20% off! 
Click Here to Purchase Classes for August!
Enter Promo Code: "August20" when purchasing a 3 or 5 pack.

Our August youth classes will focus on getting back in shape. We will also be speaking with clients to see if there's any immediate areas that we can address prior to tryouts. Our classes touch on all aspects of being a top tier athlete. However, with this, we'll focus a portion of the class designed specifically for what you need. Endurance, core, quickness, injury prevention, or outright speed. 
1) Adult Classes: We will hold our normally scheduled adult class at A.C. Nielsen tomorrow at 9:30am. Next week's class will be held at our Northbrook studio. 
2) Please continue to check our schedule as some times will change over the next few weeks.