5 Easy Ab Exercises for Women (10/19/16)

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The core is where it all starts. Connecting the upper and lower body and supporting the back. We do ample core work in Lateral Edge but when you don't have time for a class, try some of these easy ab exercises if you have five to ten minutes. 

"The Climb Up." You can do this one with or without a towel or band for assistance. Great for lower and upper abs while increasing flexibility.

"Mountain Climbers." A Lateral Edge favorite as it goes well with our slide boards. It's a healthy movement for the spine and hips, and burns a lot of calories in the process.

"The Abdominal Hold." Not as common but if you've ever done this, you know it's your core that's holding you up in place as much as your shoulders. A great and overlooked at home ab exercise.

"The Side Plank." You can incorporate the motion into this one or just hold for 30+ seconds at a time. Good for the obliques.

Push-ups. Sometimes overlooked as a way to tone abs but you need to keep your core tight to do push-ups properly. There are many variations and all of them will tone your abs.