A Definition of Agility (7/27/16)

The Increasingly Intelligent Fitness World and Lateral Movement:
We were checking out some bodyweight and plyo exercises, as part of our ongoing education, and came across this definition of agility from Men's Fitness.  "Agility is defined as an athlete’s ability to accelerate in a target direction as fast as possible, decelerate in that same direction, plant, and re-position body mass appropriately to effectively re-accelerate in a new direction—all within a matter of seconds. If an athlete can’t do that, they’re not only at a distinct disadvantage but also more likely to be injured."  It's no wonder they incorporate the slide board in their workout using 20-30 second sprint style bursts like we do in Lateral Edge.

Lateral Edge and Agility:
Everything in the definition of agility above is critical. It's great to use lateral exercise in the gym but the amount of force and speed you can use to push-off on a slide board exceeds that on most any dry land. Also, the landing on a board focuses on placing pressure on adductors and glutes supporting knees needed to remain healthy for agile athletes.

The Athletic Training Regimen:
In order to increase agility in the months and weeks leading up to tryouts, we recommend a lateral training routine at least 3 times per week to increase mobility and agility. And 1-2/week intra season. We're partial to the our slide board studio but there are a number of exercises you can do at home to compliment our high-intensity program. We prefer things like side shuffles and ladders to get quicker and foam rolling has been known to increase mobility. 

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