Foam Rolling and it's Place at Lateral Edge (8/3/16)

You can probably infer foam rollers are one of the fastest growing workout appliances over the past 10 years. And you very likely have one or multiple in your home. Why?

Increased Mobility:  In order to be agile in any of these sports, you need increased mobility. The basic physiology as described by Bridge Athletic: Fascia is a thin layer of tissue covering muscle and when overused by athletes, can stick to muscle restricting movement and increasing soreness. Rolling breaks up the connection increasing blood to the muscle decreasing recovery time. 

Rollers and their place at Lateral Edge: Many of our clients are tennis and hockey players at the youth and adult levels. Both sports need increased hip mobility due to the lateral movement. In many of our classes, we'll spend a few minutes at the end rolling out our glutes and hips to release fascia. The hockey teams training with us this season will have rollers incorporated weekly or biweekly depending on the group and age. 

Rolling Tips: 
-Do not roll over joints
-No required amount of time. Even two minutes can help pre or post workout
-If new to rolling, start off with a lighter density, cheap roller
-One foot down providing support for the other leg, glute or hip
-Youtube it or ask us