Weekly Update (9/6/16)

Schedule Notables:

Nielsen Classes: Beginning next week on 9/8 we're back at Nielsen for our9:15am class. Please note the start is 15 minutes earlier than our past Nielsen morning classes. 

Early Morning NSIA Classes: Beginning 9/13, 6:15-7:00am start on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Northbrook studio. Some of our adult clients are hockey parents. Thus, we want to give them something to do while their kids on are in an early morning practice. Enough time for them to workout, hit up Starbucks, come back and get their player by the time he or she is out of the locker room.

Youth Schedule: This will be changing over the next couple weeks as we schedule team training sessions at our Northbrook studio. Always check ourschedule online or email us with questions. 
Hiring Instructors:
We're hiring qualified instructors to teach youth classes. If you know anyone you think is interested and fits the role, let us know or have them email info@lateraledgeonline.com.