Weekly Update: Open House, August Schedule, the Olympic Diet (8/18/16)

Team Training and Open House:  We're holding an open house this Saturday the 20th from 10am-1pm at our Northbrook studio. We've already booked a few weekly team training spots in tandem with practice at NSIA. This open house will be a great way for parents and players to learn more about our programs. 

August Schedule Notables: We'll be holding our Thursday 9:30am adult class at the North Shore studio and will return that specific adult class to the A.C. Nielsen tennis shack in September. 

The Olympic Diet: A follow up on last weeks newsletter, an article in US Newsgoing into the olympic diet. What I found particulary interesting was the emphasis on seafood. "In fact, at the 2016 Summer Games, they're expected to eat more than 82 tons of seafood. "What's great about fish is that it provides lean protein, plus the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that have a lot of health benefits and aid recover,"