High Intensity and Hip Pain

There was an article in the Washington Post entitled, "As Millennials Flock to High-Intensity Workouts, Hip Pain Follows." It obviously caught my eye as Lateral Edge focuses on hip mobility and strength. And if high-intensity can cause hip pain in millennials, it can cause hip pain in other high intensity users. What's the potential outcome? Potentially hip impingements and osteoarthritis. 

"Neuromuscular imbalances, or weakness in certain muscle groups, are often the root cause of the pain that (Dr.) Nho’s patients experience....Hips are built to withstand tremendous force, but they need full range of motion to work properly, hence the importance of flexibility and stability, Wu said. She encourages her clients to do yoga or attend a Pilates class if they are dead set on physically taxing workouts."

What Dr. Wu doesn't mention is the balance and strength certain slide board workouts can give your hips. Not to mention that Lateral Edge combines flexibility and strength in our 45 minute sessions. No surprise though, we're the small fish right now educating our potential clients on the benefits. If you want to keep up the high intensity, do so by working in a yoga and slide board class once a week and look great as a result.