The Necessity of Exercising in the Frontal Plane

Ever have pain in your IT band? How about back and knee? It could be from a lack of stability. 

A Quick Lesson in the Planes

We've been surveying adults over the age of 40 (not clients) and asking about their weekly fitness routines. We weren't surprised to hear the lack of training in the frontal/coronal plane. Americans in general are becoming smarter about how they exercise but we still tend to do what we've always done and not what we should. 

Here's the lesson: 
Coronal Plane = Frontal Plane which means lateral exercise like the slide board, side lunges, etc. 
Sagittal Plane = Lateral Plane which means exercise where you don't cross that plane such as jogging, biking, etc.
Transverse = Dividing the upper from lower so we're going to see some rotational lunges and core work here.

Exercising the frontal plane (lateral movement) is necessary to keep our hips and knees aligned. If you can do something like the slide board working your core as well, that's a major bonus. 

Recently in our Lateral Edge classes, we've been combining the transverse and coronal planes which is a huge benefit for skiers, golfers (yes, golfers), tennis, lacrosse and hockey players. 

Even if you don't have the time to get to one of our classes below, email us ( and we'll give you some great dynamic exercises in the coronal/frontal plane to keep you running, rowing and biking. 

Thursday, 9:15am. Adult Class at A.C. Nielsen Tennis Shack
Thursday, 5:15pm. Small Group Class at NSIA
Saturday, 9:00am. Adult Class at NSIA
Saturday, 10:00am. Youth Small Group Class at NSIA