The Reverse Lunge

Fairly easy. The reverse lunge is a great way to build muscle in a safe way without impact. This type of exercise is called closed kinetic chain and can best be described as having the end extremity meet some fixed point. In this case it's the ground or board. Open kinetic chain is when the end extremity has a weight bearing position and it is not fixed. Like holding a dumb bell. We prefer closed kinetic chain as it generally engages more muscles and has the effect of whole body toning vs muscle isolation. 

Notice how she brings one leg back extending her hip flexor. This exercise is more about how comfortable the user is extending that leg back. Try to get it a couple inches from the ground. Alternate legs each time for a set of 10-15 on each. You can do these at the beginning and end of the workout provided in the excel "At-Home Workout Ideas" Once you're comfortable with this, we'll move on to more rotational lunge exercises which are great for tennis, hockey, lacrosse and skiers.