Our team training programs are a logistical and economical solution for your athletic program addressing sport and age specific needs. The primary focus of our training is lateral movement and core stability and thus, increasing agility and decreasing the chance of injury.

We have three options for your athletic organization training:

1) Full Service Training Package: Lateral Edge comes to your club facilities and operates all the training for a designated number of teams. The first step in this process is for us to learn from you about the organization and offer our suggestions on an optimal program that works for the coaches, parents and most importantly, the players.

2) Coaches Workshop: This is potentially the most economical program for your organization. We provide a Lateral Edge NASM and ACE registered workshop for your coaches and staff. The coaches will learn how to run an effective closed kinetic chain slide board program, how to address different needs of the players, and injury prevention routines. With this program, Lateral Edge will give the organization the option to lease or purchase all of the equipment incorporated in the seasonal program.

3) Hybrid Model: Simply, we will combine a way for the interested coaches to be as involved as they want to while we write the content and run the programs.  

Next step: Email us to set up a call, and we'll see if Lateral Edge is the best solution for your athletic organization.



Q: How much does it cost? A: For options 1 and 3, it depends on a number of factors including the number of teams, training sessions per week for the club, number of kids and amount of equipment needed. For option 2, it is $50/coach with a $300 minimum. And then we lease equipment for a season with an option to own. We also wholesale our boards to youth athletic organizations.

Q: How much space does it take up? A: it obviously depends on the number of players but we need at least 400 sq ft for a team of 15.

Q: Where do the workshops and programs take place? A: At your facility so we can provide it in conjunction with practices or skills sessions. Easy for the demanding schedule of not creating two separate trips.

Q: What sports clubs do you work with? A: We have worked with all athletes but have more focus in hockey, soccer, football, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, track and skiing. 

Q: What is HIIT? A: High Intensity Interval Training. It means short spurts of maximum effort versus long duration exercise. Most sports are short spurts of effort. For example, the average tennis point is seven seconds long, the average hockey shift is forty five seconds.