Athlete Solutions

How do we develop better athletes? Increase speed and agility in a way that provides support to susceptible joints. High intensity lateral movement applies to every sport in different capacities. Our particular exercise is highly underutilized among youth athletes and is essential to gain an edge in any sport. Our services include:

  • On and off-site team training
  • Personal training
  • General youth and adult classes
  • Personalized at home programs
    • Based on age, sport and off or intra season
    • Subscription sold with our Lateral Edge Boards
    • Email for more details


The slide board movement mimics the hockey stride but makes it more difficult from a balance and resistance stand point. At Lateral Edge, we see many issues whether it's a player not getting low enough in their stride or one that needs more explosiveness in their first few steps. Our high intensity programs replicate the short shifts players see in a game while developing the stride, core and flexibility. 

Field Sports

The majority of soccer, football and lacrosse injuries are non contact (i.e., change in direction). Soccer players incur more knee and ankle injuries than any other sport in high school. Football is a close second. Our programs take this in mind, as we place an emphasis on building up our stabilizer muscles.  


Tennis, like most other sports, is short bursts of energy. The average tennis point lasts less than seven seconds and the average tennis match has 70% lateral movement and 30% front and back. Tennis has changed over the years and become a much more physically developed sport. What Lateral Edge specifically improves is the initial and recovery steps players have in a point. This way, the athletes can better control the center of the court. 



There are many different events and athletes within the world of skiing. For all of them, stability is essential. The slide board and our ski based programs educate skiers, coaches and trainers about the necessity of lateral training. The two most apparent benefits to our programs are 1) the increased turning capability and 2) reinforcing susceptible joints that take a beating on the mountain. 

Running & Track

Running takes a toll on the body. The impact on the knees and hips can wear you over time. By strengthening our adductors and glutes, we can decrease that impact and keep you outside running competitively or just jogging while the weather's good. 


Besides having strong wrists, the core stability and weight transfer is essential for any batter. Our whole body movement on the board is great for any batter trying to generate more power in their swing. Beyond that, it's great for the first step when infielders have to get a quick jump on the ball. There's a reason many of the best major leaguers use slide boards.